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Three Different PDC Cutter Categories
Technically, PDC cutter is a compact that has been made by combining a layer of polycrystalline diamond along with a tungsten carbide substrate. 

The cutters also come in various categories, here are the common PDC cutter categories:




• High Abrasion Resistance. 
These are cutters that have perfect abrasion resistance, along with a higher impact resistance, for the sake of achieving better results. These cutters are designed for drilling areas with cutter rounding and high wear chances. 

• High Impact Toughness. 

This is also a high grade cutter that has amazing abrasion resistance, along with a greater impact resistance. They are mostly meant for the drilling conditions that have tough and uneven surfaces. 

• General Purpose Cutters. 

These cutters have a higher value, they offer a medium performance and they are used for general purposes. They also have a higher impact resistance.
They are designed with varied specifications and features, which allow them to offer different results in the drilling industry. The variation in the features and the specifications also help to drill through different surfaces.

We now supply these three catagories cutters for different formations and applications.


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