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Brand Story
The number and scale of chinese companies which producing diamond tools is beyond comparison in other countries in the world. But diamond tools products manufactured in China are mostly with low-cost and low-end level. Even we produced high-quality products, its quality already reached or even exceeded similar products abroad, it still not recognized by foreign customers  because there is no brand, and do not pay attention to packaging , it has seriously affecting the image of Chinese diamond products.
Mr. Simon engaged in the diamond tools manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, witnessed many diamond tools manufactures’s tragic development, because they do not pay attention to the quality of products, just for the sake of market competition, in order to obtain orders to take inferior raw materials, change the routine production process ; Instead, force driven themselves into the price war, enterprises can not get development, and finally even face the edge of bankruptcy!
After Simon founded the company, he established the somebetter brand, with better products, better priced, better service as the purpose of the enterprise, Through meditation to carry out technology research and development and value innovation to pursue better product quality, through the procurement of cost-effective new materials and new processes to pursue more favorable prices, through a scientific management system, perfect after-sales service system and professional service personnel to pursue a better customer experience.   

In order to establish the brand image of Chinese diamond tools, for the development of China's diamond tools industry to make due contributions! 
There is only one reason for efficiency and safety!
This is a reassuring reason. Every product of somebetter is born for efficiency. I believe that work efficiency is the first productivity. In order to help the grinding industry to work efficiently and stably,
Since 2009, we have been constantly striving for product upgrades, from looking for high-quality formulas for grinding to studing the special characteristics of different materials, all of which are meticulous and dedicated. Save 0.1 second for each time you use SOMEBETTER.
Company Profile
Since the diamond tool market in 2009, we have owned a wholly-owned factory and two joint venture factories. Committed to providing a one-stop service for a complete set of grinding tools.
Diamond grinding wheel production based with a monthly production capacity of 100000 pieces,dedicated to providing the highest quality diamond grinding wheels.
Diamond drawing die production based with a monthly production capacity of 1000000 pieces,dedicated to providing the highest quality diamond drawing die.
Diamond grinding discs, diamond polishing pad production base, 500000 pieces / month, is committed to providing high quality polishing pad and diamond grinding discs.
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