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The importance of strictly controlling the bearing length and reduction angle of drawing die
Have you ever had the following confusion?

1.The wire diameter fluctuates greatly during wire drawing
2.The drawing die has crack even not using so long time
3.The service life of drawing die is too short
4.The surface of the wire after drawing is cracked and rough 

If yes, let's tell you why :

The wire drawing dies is a very important consumable die in various metal wire drawing production. The cost of drawing die accounts for a large proportion of drawing cost. As a wire manufacturer, it is very important to know how to reduce the cost, obtain stable and long-time drawing, accurate size and better surface quality. 
But how?

Today we will focus on the two most important areas of the wire drawing die: The bearing length and reduction angle.

1. Reduction Angle

The Reduction Angle is the area of wire drawing deformation, and the angle of compression zone (Reduction Angle) is the main parameter of the compression zone of wire drawing die. The size of reduction angle plays a decisive role in the size and distribution of the pressure acting on the inner hole of the drawing die, the size of drawing stress and the mechanical properties of the drawn wire rod.

If the angle of the Reduction area is too large, the deformation rate will increase and the deformation zone will become smaller when the metal material is in the control process, which will make the drawing die produce a lot of heat, scorch the lubricating powder and make it invalid, thus seriously affecting the wire drawing effect.

What happens if the reduction area angle is too small? When the angle of the reduction zone becomes smaller, the drawing die will produce a lot of heat, which will lead to the failure of lubricating powder.

2. Bearing Length

The bearing length is the control part of the die aperture size, through which the metal wire can get the final size.

The bearing length must be straight and reasonable in length. If the bearing length is too long, the pulling wire friction force will increase. When the wire rod is pulled out of the die hole, it is easy to cause diameter reduction or wire breakage. If the bearing length is too short, it is difficult to obtain the wire rod with stable shape, accurate size and good surface quality, and the die hole will wear out of tolerance quickly.

To sum up, as a wire manufacturer, in order to obtain stable long-time drawing, accurate size, good surface quality, reduce cost and create large economic benefits, it is necessary to detect the groove structure of wire drawing die: the suitable reduction angle and bearing length.
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