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The electroplated CBN grinding wheel of Changsha 3 Better
Electroplated grinding wheel is through electrochemical chemical reaction and coated in the plated metal surface.The coating thickness,binding between the coating and metal substation are the most core process of the electroplated grinding wheel, and also it is determine the quality of the electroplated grinding wheels.

At present, Changsha 3 Better Ultra-Hard Materials has nearly a hundred kinds of customized electroplated wheels, applied in the outer circle, inner circle, grooving and grinding teeth and other imitation grinding field; The base generally use 45steel or 40cr steel,and the part of the abrasives using diamond abrasives and CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasives. How to select and match need to according to the user site grinding equipment and processing work parts of the material and hardness decision. High-precision electroplated CBN grinding wheels are basically customized.

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