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Quality standards of diamond grinding wheel
Diamond grinding wheel quality testing environmental standards
In different enterprises with different environments, the performance and requirements are also different. When carrying out quality testing, it is recommended to choose a testing site close to the use of the environment. The requirements of the environment generally with normal temperature, humidity, high temperature, corrosion, and other environmental factors, enterprises can according to their own needs to make reasonable arrangements, it is recommended to store the grinding wheel in a warm and dry environment.

Diamond grinding wheel quality test appearance standards
In the use of diamond grinding wheel performance testing, we should carefully observe the appearance of the grinding wheel whether there is a rupture, edge material stacking serious, unprovoked lack of trademarks, hole rings, and other phenomena. After the basic surface testing, it is compared with the outer packaging and carefully recorded before the next step. The general grinding wheel quality is based on GB/T2485-1997 "grinding wheel technical conditions" standard.

Diamond grinding wheel quality testing temperature standards
The tolerance temperature of the grinding wheel is based on its material and process. Generally speaking, the new material is more resistant to temperature. The grinding wheel can withstand between 105-110℃. For grinding wheel quality temperature standards, enterprises can choose according to their own circumstances.

Grinding wheel quality testing material standards
The quality of the grinding wheel is related to the choice of abrasives. Good abrasives sound of sand during the using, without harsh sound, and the reaction of poor quality abrasives is the opposite, and prone to dangerous accidents.

Grinding wheel quality testing standards
The diameter of the grinding wheel tray shall not be less than one-third of the installed grinding wheel, the diameter of the left and right parts of the grinding wheel plate and the width of the press surface shall be equal, the relevant measures shall be worn during grinding, gloves, glasses, masks, etc., avoid sparks spilling on the body part.
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