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Polycrystalline Diamond PCD
Polycrystalline diamond is not only an engineering material, but also a new type of functional material; it is both a high-tech product and a high-efficiency product. With the development of modern industry and science and technology, polycrystalline diamond has been widely used in modern industry, national defense and high-tech fields with its excellent power, heat, chemistry, sound, light and electricity properties.

(1) High hardness and resistance

The hardness of polycrystalline diamond is as high as 10000HV. It is currently the hardest material in man-made materials in the world.
The hardness of engineering ceramics is much higher. Because polycrystalline diamond is extremely hard and isotropic, it has excellent wear resistance.

(2) Low friction coefficient

The coefficient of friction between polycrystalline diamond and some non-ferrous metals is lower than other materials, about 1/2 of that of cemented carbide. The low coefficient of friction not only reduces the deformation and cutting force, but also prevents buildup during cutting, thus reducing the surface roughness of the machined.

(3) High thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline diamond is very high, better than silver and copper, and much higher than general cemented carbide, so it is cut during the cutting process.Heat is easily released, so the cutting temperature is lower.

(4) High processing accuracy

Because the polycrystalline diamond tool has a low thermal expansion coefficient and a high elastic modulus, the tool is not easy to deform during the cutting process. Under the action of the cutting force, the tool can maintain its original parameters, maintain sharpness for a long time, and high cutting accuracy. Therefore, when using PCD tools for processing, you can reduce the cutting force and lower the cutting temperature, improve the tool durability and cutting rate, and obtain a good processing surface.
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