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Polishing method of wire drawing die
 As we all know, the wire drawing die is usually worn during repeated application. In order to prolong the service life of the wire drawing die, we need to polish the wire drawing die after use for a period of time. The methods are as follows:

(1) Rough polishing: the surface after finishing, EDM, grinding and other processes can be polished with a rotating surface polishing machine at a speed of 35000-40000 R / min. Then there is a manual oilstone mill, which adds kerosene as lubricant or coolant. The use sequence is 180 → 240 → 320 → 400 → 600 → 800 → 1000.

(2) Semi fine polishing: semi fine polishing mainly uses sandpaper and kerosene. The number of sandpaper is 400 600 800 1000 1200 1500. In fact, 1500 sandpaper only uses die steel suitable for hardening (higher than 52hrc) instead of pre hardening steel, because this may cause surface damage of pre hardening steel parts and fail to achieve the expected polishing effect.

(3) Fine polishing: the fine polishing process mainly adopts diamond grinding cream. If a polished cloth wheel is used to mix diamond grinding powder or grinding cream for grinding, the usual grinding sequence is 9 μ m(1,800#)→6 μ m(3,000#)→3 μ m(8,000#)。 nine μ M sanding paste and polishing cloth wheel can be used to remove the hairy scratches left by 1200 # and 1,50 0# sandpaper. Then polish with sticky felt and diamond grinding paste in the order of 1 μ m(14,000#)→1/2 μ m(60,000#)→1/4 μ m(100,000#).

Note: the polishing process of wire drawing die shall be completed in two stations, that is, the rough grinding position and fine polishing position shall be separated. In the previous process, pay attention to cleaning the residual sand on the workpiece surface.
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