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PDC for cutting stones in quarry
PDC consists of two parts: polycrystalline diamond layer and tungsten carbide base. It is a super hard product made by sintering super hard composite material under special high temperature and high pressure. This product has the feature of good wear-resistance, impact resistance, and good thermal stability. It is suitable for cutting for different hardness stones in the quarry.

PDC cutter(Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) is widely used for making tools applied in the field of oil&gas drilling, geology exploring, coalfield mining, and mechanical processing industry

1.Standard PDC adopts a new flat, slotted junction plane, the thickness of the diamond layer is from 0.8-2.5mm according to the client's requirement. They are widely used in engineering and geological purpose.

2.Plain shaped PDC with the tail was specially developed for different stone cutting machines, especially the stones in the quarry.

3.Special shaped: we could provide special-shaped PDC according to the client's requirement, including Rectangular shape, triangle shape, big diameter, and other shapes, etc.
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