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PDC Cutter
PDC-Polycrystalline diamond compact is composed of polycrystalline diamond layer and tungsten carbide substrate. The
polycrystalline diamond layer possesses extremely high hardness and abrasion resistance whereas the tungsten carbide substrate
would greatly improve the malleability and weld ability of the whole composite. The polycrystalline diamond compact is used in oil
well drilling petroleum, geology exploring, coalfield mining and mechanical processing industry

Our company adopts intemational advanced technology and uses new type-high effective accelerant. The PDC have many
types of claw structure with fasten and symmetrical combination interface. When applied to petroleum and geology drilling bits, as
well as machine tooling, PDC will show excellent comprehensive properties and this will also produce good economic performance.

The PDC have a wide range of structures and specifications, Polycrystalline diamond compact for drilling bits is suitable for
soft and hard geological terrane. According to customers'demand, we can offer PDC with different claw structures and chamfer types
hether or not grinding and polishing. We can supply PDC with special shape by customer's orde
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