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Introduction of linear drawing die
With the improvement of product quality standards in metal product drawing industry, the quality standards and technical indicators of wire drawing die in the market are improved accordingly. The existing domestic wire drawing die manufacturing technology can not meet the needs of high-speed drawing production. Closely following the international wire drawing die manufacturing technology, Changsha 3 Better Ultra-hard Materials CO.,Ltd has realized the transformation of the manufacturing technology of "arc" and "linear" wire drawing dies on the basis of introducing the "linear" wire drawing die processing equipment and die making process. Our "linear" wire drawing die ensures the high-speed drawing and accurate size in the wire drawing process, and prolongs the service life of the wire drawing die.

The service life reduces the production cost, and the advantages are increasingly recognized by customers.

Comparison of aperture structure between linear and arc wire drawing dies:

1."Arc type" wire drawing die

According to the nature of work, it can be divided into five parts: Entry, Lubracationm, Reduction, bearing, Exit

The angle and height of the work area are difficult to control. If the angle is too large or too small, it will directly or indirectly cause the fast of die hole

Rapid wear; The height is too short, which is not conducive to the lubrication

Storage, resulting in deterioration of lubrication; If the height is too long, it will cause material waste, increase the power consumption of wire drawing and increase the cost.

2.Linear wire drawing die

According to the nature of work, it can be divided into four parts: Entry, Reduction, bearing, Exit

Lengthen the working area, prolong the height of the entrance area and the working area, and make the wire enter the middle section of the working area

The wedge angle formed by the inlet area and the upper half of the working area,

The law establishes the "wedge effect" and forms the application on the surface of wire material

Compact and firm lubricating film to improve lubrication effect. Angle and height can be controlled.

Conclusion: the stability of regional parameters of "linear" wire drawing die processed by prefabricated hole technology is higher than that of "arc" wire drawing die, which truly realizes and meets the needs of high-speed wire drawing production of users.
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