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Drawing die with nano diamond composite coating
Q: What are the characteristics of nano drawing die?
A: Nanodiamond coating drawing die is based on a tungsten carbide substrate. The inner hole surface of the die is coated with nanodiamond coating by chemical vapor method, and the coating is ground and polished,

1. High surface finish, small drawing stress, small friction coefficient, and little damage to the metallographic structure of the drawing metal.
The working life of nano wire drawing die is almost 10-20 times of that of tungsten carbide drawing die, and the surface finish of wire rod is also very good.
2. It can effectively reduce the consumption of mould, reduce the time of stop detection and die change.
3. Reduce the labor intensity of operation
4. The wire diameter of wire drawing products is stable, the raw materials are saved effectively, and the labor productivity and economic benefits are greatly improved.

The direct benefits to users are as follows:

1) Improve production efficiency (because of long life and constant aperture)

The use of nano diamond composite coating round drawing die can greatly increase the output, reduce the times of stop detection and die change, significantly reduce the broken wire rate, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and significantly improve the production efficiency, which can bring great economic benefits for the application enterprises every year.

2) Saving raw materials (because the aperture is unchanged)

With the same weight of raw materials, the length of wire produced by nano diamond composite coating round drawing die is 1% ~ 2% longer than that produced by traditional die.

3) Drawing non-ferrous materials can be lubricated with water (because of nano diamond composite coating and high surface finish)

After polishing, the surface finish of nano diamond composite coating reaches RA ≤ 0.1 μ m, which has self-lubricating property, and the wetting angle with water is close to 0 ° (very hydrophilic). 

The hydrophilic property of the working surface makes water form a continuous lubricating film. 
In addition, the graphite structure with self-lubricating property is evenly distributed on the coating surface, so it can be lubricated by water in the production process of metal (including aluminum) drawing Instead of oil lubrication.

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