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Different shapes wheels in different applications
The application of the wheels:

Grinding wheel is widely used in air conditioning compressor parts, bearing inner holes, non-ferrous metal inner hole grinding, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, PCD tools, PCBN tools, visible tube glass shell, hydraulic parts, cast iron, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, and other different materials and workpieces grinding.

Different shapes wheels in different applications:

-Flat shape grinding wheels are widely used. Depending on the size, it can be used for inner, outer, flat, heartless, tool cutting, grooving, and centerless grinding. 

-Flat with arc grinding wheel is used for grinding the arc surface of the wiretap groove, bearing ditch and other work items;

-Flat strengthening band arc is effective in increasing the base strengthening tolerance, more effective and safe to ensure the grinding arc surface of the grinding wheel precise requirements.

-disc-shaped grinding wheel is suitable for a variety of coordinate grinders, tool grinders, and special grinders with complex blades. 
Specializing in the processing of various specifications of high-speed steel and carbide materials rotating crucifies, process drills, dental drills, milling cutters and gemstones, ceramic products.

-Main purpose of the barrel grinding wheel is to be mounted on the vertical shaft of the flat grinder.

-Taper grinding head is used for grinding and angle repairing grooves of various shapes.

-Cylindrical grinding head mainly grinding inner circle and grinding inner circle special surface and mold inner wall, to go burr and so on.
Barrel-shaped slot grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding drill tip and car knife, this grinding wheel has a cone-shaped swallowtail groove, can be attached to the grinder drive plate, more convenient to use.

-Double-sloped edge one grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding gear teeth and single threads.
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