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Comparison of materials of die blanks for wire drawing die
SOMEBETTER Wire drawing dies are divided into several types: alloy steel dies, natural diamond dies, Tungsten carbide dies, polycrystalline synthetic diamond dies, CVD dies, cermet dies.

The advantages and disadvantages of several drawing die materials are compared as below:

Alloy steel dies- easy to make - poor wear resistance and short life - is rarely used. Now it is mainly used to pull some products with low side value

Natural diamond wire drawing dies - high hardness, good wear resistance - brittleness, difficult to machine - wire die with diameter less than 1.2mm

Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies - good polishing, low energy consumption - less wear resistance, difficult processing - wire of various diameters

Polycrystalline synthetic diamond wire drawing dies- high hardness, good wear resistance - difficult processing and high cost - small wire and wire
CVD dies - high finish, good temperature resistance - complex process and difficult processing - small size wire and wire

Cermet wire drawing dies- wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance - thermal shock, poor toughness, difficult processing - not widely used, mainly for some special products

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