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CBN Single Coated Grinding Wheel
CBN is a combined grinding material, the hardness is second only to diamond, which can be glued to the surface of the wheel and become a grinding tool. Compared to conventional grinding materials, its performance is very well. CBN is very difficult to wear, so the grinding precision is also very good, its geometry is also maintained very well, its speed is much higher than the traditional grinding wheel. 

(1)Single-coated grinding wheel (see Figure 1). This grinding wheel is made of one coated layer of CBN material ,the base body is steel.Mainly used in not strict roughing geometric tolerances.

The advantages are as follows: 
(1)the initial cost is lower than the multi-layer CBN grinding wheel 
(2)The machine can be designed to be simpler, does not need a dressing machine, balancer, and does not need to provide a different grinding wheel speed drive. 
(3)No need to do the roughing processing of the upper process and make directly grinding. 
(4)Because the speed is very high, its grinding speed is higher than the traditional grinding wheel efficiency. 
(5)The base of the grinding wheel can be reused multiple times, thus reducing the cost.
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