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Analysis of the properties of the resin bond CBN grinding wheel
1.High binding strength. The binding strength of the resin bond CBN grinding wheel is high, and the grinding line speed of the resin bond grinding wheel is 80 to 120m/s, and can withstand big grinding pressure. 

2.Has a certain degree of elasticity. Compare to the ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel, resinbond CBN grinding wheel has good toughness, has a certain plasticity and extension, suitable for the preparation of various specifications of sheet grinding wheel and high-speed cutting grinding wheel. Good toughness can cushion the effect of grinding force, so the grinding effect is good, can improve the roughness of the processing surface.

3.Very suitable for custom-shaped or specially requested tools. Due to the low hardening temperature and small shrinkage of the resin bond CBN grinding wheel, it can be made into a variety of complex shapes and special requirements of the grinding wheel.

4. It is helpful to prevent burn of work parts.The heat resistance of resin bond is low, the heat generated by the work piece in the grinding process make the resin carbonization, prompting the passivated abrasive to automatically fall off, exposing new sharp grinding particles, reduce the heat in the grinding area, to avoid burn of the work piece.
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