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Advantages of laser drilling in wire drawing die
Wire drawing die is an important die for producing metal wire rod. Based on the advantages (as below ) of laser drilling, the mechanism of laser drilling to make wire drawing die and the main factors affecting laser drilling show that laser drilling technology can meet the requirements of rough machining of wire drawing die.

1. It is composed of high performance laser, laser focusing CCD, TV monitoring of the same optical path, precision four axis motion table and calculation method control system.

2. Automatic completion of small hole forming of drawing die.

3. It can program the hole shape. It can not only make multi-layer linear horn hole, straight hole, special design software, but also make axial inner wall arc, special-shaped and other arbitrary curve hole shapes.

4. Smooth inner wall, less ablation area, fast drilling speed and convenient clamping.

5. Laser drilling has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and good economic benefit.

6. Laser drilling is suitable for group hole processing with large number and high density.

Changsha 3 better Ultra Hard marterials' laser drilling adopts advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy of drawing die aperture.

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