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Advantages of PDC Cutter Drill Bits
Longer lifetime: Because the wear rate of the PDC as cutting teeth is more than 20-40 times than of cemented carbide and more than 10 times that of ordinary diamond bits.

High drilling efficiency: The diamond exposure is large (almost all composite polycrystalline layers are exposed), and the drill bit is always sharp, which greatly improves the feed speed. Among drill bits, this is a more cost-effective drill bit.

It can be drilled at low pressure and low speed: the drill bit breaks the rock by scraping and shearing, and its bit weight is only about 1/3 of the weight of a diamond-impregnated bit of the same diameter.

Wide range of applications: Practice has proved that the bit is suitable for soft rock and medium-hard rock formations (rock formations with drillability below 9),such as carbonate rock, limestone, chalkstone,claystone, siltstone and sandstone. Compared with ordinary drill bits, especially for drill bits that drill into 6-8 grade rock formations, if the rock formations are usually hard, the customer chooses diamond drill bits.

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