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Metal Bond Grinding Wheel
One of our customers in German inquired for diamond grinding wheel for application of grinding the automobile side window around windshield and and decorative glass on Aug. 10th, 2019. 

They used the Resin bond grinding wheel before, but the processing efficiency is not ideal, so we suggested the metal bond diamond grinding wheel for the below reasons.

1.In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed grinding ultra-precision grinding technology, higher requirements have been put forward for the grinding wheel, and the ceramic resin binding agent grinding wheel can not meet the production needs.
Metal bond grinding wheel has been widely used because of its high binding strength, good molding, long service life and other significant characteristics.

2.Domestic newly developed metal bond diamond grinding wheel technology formulation, applied to mechanical processing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, biology, medical equipment, electronic information, construction, transportation, geological mining new materials and other fields.

3.The Overseas Chinese University in China has developed a new method of preparation of the tool directly connected to the diamond mill grain by liquid metal, and the formulation of the diamond grinding wheel manufacturing process for the rare earth modified tungsten-based binding agent. 

4.Design and develop the experimental system to study the behavior of alloy and grain grinding interface, and so on, which significantly improve the stake in diamond particles and increase the wear resistance of diamond grinding wheels.

After making the deal of sample order on Aug. 20th, 2019 and shipments on early Oct., we keep in touch for the testing result, finally we got the good news and the feedback is very nice.

The new technology has good mechanical properties and self-sharpness, high holding power on diamond, good molding, long service life.

It's a good start and welcome to contact us if you have any query.
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